As a festival we celebrate the merging of diverse worlds as art and technology comes together. Timeless and contemporary. Inclusion and individuality. Self-expression and intellectual curiosity. We believe in celebrating these contrasts as they reflect who we are. How we are guided by the values expressed in digital artform and self-expression that is brought to life through the possibilities of technology.

Sunrise by Ezequiel Pini

OtherLands is a decentralized ecosystem of artists, creators, thinkers, and innovators. People who come together to inspire the OtherLands community into more creativity. More curiosity. Making us all co-creators of digital art, events, music and crafts. By supporting the grass root creative community with innovative technology and blockchain NFT networks we are changing the fundamentals and the definition of art as we’re doing the things we can’t, doing the impossible.

Together we’re creating the future of digital art.