The future of art is digital. It’s our belief that through new technology, new artists will arise, no matter what creed or medium. The scene is forever changing, and it’s our call to be in the forefront of this change.


Featured artists

Masterclass 2022.03.08

The 8th of march the inaugural event of OtherLands took place in Stockholm. Together with Samsung Galaxy and Aplace we got to exchange knowledge and ideas with some of the most talented creators, thinkers, and innovators in the NFT space. People came together to inspire the OtherLands community into more creativity and curiosity at the masterclass main stage.

Jimmy Herdberg giving a talk on his process, Masterclass main stage

Live Session at OtherLands Masterclass 2022.03.08

Illias Patlis Live Design on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra & Tab S8 Ultra

The project

As NFT’s and blockchain technology is rewriting the rules for the creative economy and digital artforms, we want to invite you to join Samsung Nordics and APLACE on a journey to redefine the relationship between art and technology. A journey that celebrates the creative and contrast-rich meeting that arises between art, fashion, music, technology and innovation when they meet through NFT’s and blockchain technology.

OtherLands is a celebration to this evolving contemporary digital art scene, were art and technology merge together in timeless aesthetic yet contemporary absurdism. These contrasts unifies and brings us inclusion and individuality. Timeless and contemporary. Self-expression and intellectual curiosity. This reflects who we are as artists and innovators and the design is guided by the values of self-expression that is brought to life through technology.

We invite you to join our journey into the unknown with the OtherLands NFT Art Festival. A first of its kind event hosted by Samsung Electronics Nordic and APLACE.

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Masterclass 08.03.22

Meet the creators, thinkers, and innovators. People who come together to inspire the OtherLands community into more creativity and curiosity at the masterclass mainstage.


OtherLands Generals

Why OtherLands and what to expect from Masterclass and exhibitions.


Rave Review

With the collection "Cryptopanties NFT" they take new steps into NFT’s with a purpose of contributing and promoting greater diversity in the metaverse. Crypto panties NFT launch during OtherLands.


JMY – Jimmy Herdberg

Constantly breaking the boundaries of digital creation where algorithms and mathematics interact with artistic creation resulting in the NFT collection "Time Travel in a Subconscious Mind".


Oscar Nöjd

As Head of IM innovation at Samsung Nordics he explore the possibilities and boundaries in tech innovation when art is brought to life through technology.


Jacob Felländer

On a never-ending journey into the unknown he challenges the norm of creative expressions and definitions of art within photography VR, AR, NFT’s and fashion experiences.


Twelve Collective

Bringing music into new contexts through exclusive NFT releases where music and art, work together. Twelve collective launches its tenth music&art NFT during OtherLands.


Ryan Koopmans & Alice Wexell

With "Wild Within" they explore abandoned soviet era houses in Georgia. They combine photography with nature inspired 3D animation and through tokenization brings eternal life to the buildings.


Illias Patlis

As a game designer and illustrator Illias will guide through a live design session and presentation of the OtherLands Co-creation NFT project "Hope and Anxiety".


Patrik Arnesson

One of Swedens most experienced NFT professionals Patrik guide through the process behind making a successful NFT drop. He is founder of the Swedish NFT platform Forza Ikona and NFT collections like, Mauer and 7-Moments with Bjorn Borg.